December 15, 2019

Make Paying Your Dues Easy

Did you know we offer ACH payments for your dues? You can sign up over the phone with us, or we can email or mail you a form that you fill out and mail or FAX back to us.  ACH stands for Automated Clearing House — an automated payment set up with your bank and SRG.  The main benefit of ACH is convenience.  It’s a popular method for these reasons:

  • No need to remember to make payments
  • No need to write out checks
  • No need to mail payments and pay postage
  • No need to wait for the postal service to deliver payments or worry about lost mail
  • Easier to track payments since payee name appears on your bank statement or financial software
  • More environmentally friendly (checks and envelopes use paper, and transporting them uses fuel)

Call us for more information at 970-468-9137 or 800-944-9601.