Tenderfoot Lodge

22784 US HWY 6, Keystone, CO

An attractive 72 unit condominium complex located across the Snake River from the Keystone Mountain House Base Area.

Two elevators along with two stairwells provide access to units with the west side units accessible through interior carpeted hallways and the east side units accessible by exterior hallways. Each unit has an assigned “ski locker”.

A parking garage provides secure parking for Owners and Guests; a few exterior “overflow” parking spots exist which include dedicated handicap and oversized vehicle parking. One exterior dumpster enclosure exists for all owner/ guest trash. A central boiler system provides heat and hot water to units and an in ground snow melt system exists at the entry to the parking garage.

The building is protected by a fire alarm and sprinkler system. Interior common amenities include a comfortable entry lobby “Great Room” area with TV and men’s and women’s bathrooms.

The Association provides TV and Internet service to all of the units. Exterior grounds consist of manicured lawn and landscaped flower beds and there are two outdoor hot tubs as well as a decked grilling area.

T: 970-468-9137

New Owners? TFL Welcome Letter

Tenderfoot Lodge

Meeting Notifications and Agendas

All meetings are at 2pm located in the Tenderfoot Great Room unless noted otherwise.

The 2024 Tenderfoot Meeting and Event Schedule:

  • August 5th Budget Meeting at SRG office
  • August 9th Board Meeting
  • September 14th 2024 Annual Meeting
  • November 8th, 2024



Maintenance, Water Shutoffs, and Unit Unlock Requests

Summit Resort Group charges $65/hr for in unit maintenance and services. There is a one hour minimum charge to unlock a unit for contractor or guest access. Please contact SRG 24 hours in advance to schedule a unit unlock. If you are an owner and have locked yourself out of the unit during regular business hours the charge will be waived.

There is no charge associated with a building water shutoff. Unless it is a true emergency water shutoffs are scheduled Monday – Thursday between 9am and 5pm.

If you have scheduled a unit unlock and your contractor is more than 30 minutes late there will be a minimum charge of $65.

For after hours emergency unlocks please call our night phone at 970.470.5252. There is a $175 dispatch charge after hours.

Water Shutoffs

Condo units at Tenderfoot Lodge do not have individual water shutoff valves.

SRG charges a $50 fee for a water shutoff not related to a building plumbing emergency.

To coordinate a full building water shutoff please contact SRG in advance of the shutoff so we can provide other owners with 48 hours notice. We like to limit water shutoffs to Monday – Thursday when occupancy is typically lower in order to minimize the disruption.

TV and Internet

Dish TV and High Speed Internet services are provided by Resort Internet.

Owners experiencing any service issues should reach out to RI directly. The information below for their Tier 2 support team will connect you directly to a local technician instead of a national call center.

Email – [email protected]

Phone – 800.644.6907